Glyph of the word 'alanete'.


A eteke alaneté ti tieyalele!
“May means summer!”

Notes: HOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :D May is here, and it’s time for summer! :D

Unlike last summer, this summer I will make sure to get to the beach frequently. I will take advantage of the fact that I live in the second best summering hole in the world.

This also marks the two week countdown to the Fourth Language Creation Conference! If you’re going to be anywhere near the Netherlands on May 14th (or have the ability to get yourself nearby), come give me a visit! It’ll be well worth the time and expense.

Game of Thrones tonight. More Dothraki in tonight’s episode than the previous two combined. Looking forward to it!

Oh, the Zhyler word is Alneðe (in the orthography, alnefE). It means (roughly) “The First Month”, since that’s the first month of the Zhyler calendar.

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