Glyph of the word 'uvo'.


  • (n.) swordfish
  • (nm.) a boy’s given name

Ka hava ei i uvo.
“I’ve eaten swordfish.”

Notes: It’s true, but the word on the street is you shouldn’t. I guess due to conservation efforts swordfish are on the rebound, but still, swordfish should be eaten sparingly.

Well, I guess, in general, meat should be eaten sparingly—if not for conservation concerns, then for the treatment many animals raised for slaughter are subjected to, as well as for one’s health. Eating meat occasionally is no health concern, of course (provided it’s prepared properly), but eating too much (which is the case with many Americans) can indeed be a health concern.

Anyway, this is one of my all-time favorite iku (in fact, it comes in at number six in my personal top ten). It’s quite swordfishy. I thought it turned out rather well.

For more info on the name Uvo, you can go here. Don’t think I would name a kid Uvo myself: Sounds too much like a grape.

Not that “grape” is a bad name.

Man oh man, summer is coming! :D I’m so excited! I can’t wait.

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