Glyph of the word 'ki'o'.


  • (n.) flying fish

A mata ei i ki’o.
“I see a flying fish.”

Notes: For some reason I was made to think just a few minutes ago of my old friend the flying fish. They’re quite flightsome in appearance.

I seem to be watching Persuasion. Not of my own accord, of course; it’s one of the films Erin falls asleep to. I must say, though, everyone looks quite British.


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2 Responses to “Ki’o”

  1. Ka kavaka rikchik ti:

    Interesting similarity to my Volans symbol:

    I guess there are only so many ways to draw a flying fish!

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    They are extremely iconic, as far as animals go; very distinctive. In addition, though, the head on the flying fish in ki’o is a modified version of the tooth in ke (not completely phonological, but it has a k in it and a front vowel; that should be enough to give the reader a cue as to how it’s pronounced).

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