Glyph of the word 'keva'.


  • (n.) shark
  • (nm.) a boy’s given name

A fei Tiali Tini ie keva.
“Charlie Sheen has jumped the shark.”

Notes: I was wondering when I’d get to do the word for “shark” in Kamakawi. Who would’ve thought it’d be in a sentenced connected in any way with Charlie Sheen?

So unless you’re unfamiliar with the internet, radio, television or print media (in which case, how are you reading this post, I wonder…?), you’ve probably heard of @CharlieSheen: Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account where he tweets about seemingly nonsensical things (e.g. “fastball; Cuban, a mad genius, proclaimed every brain cell in ths Warlock brain 2 B a weapon of mass destruction. U’ve been warned; by him.” The hell does that mean…?), followed by strange phrases like #winning and #tigerblood (for which, see yesterday’s post). His Sheen-anigans (yes, I just made that up [though don’t google it; I don’t want to find out someone came up with it and put it somewhere on the internet sooner!]) have blown up, and everyone’s gotten into the act.

Whenever something like this happens, though, the question is, when will it get too big? At one point will it stop being cool because the uncool crowd has caught wind of it and is trying to horn in on it?

As I see it, when big name corporations like Target and McDonald’s get in the act, well…the shark has been jumped. And that happened on March 3rd.

But, then again, McDonald’s, one of the largest food chains (if not the largest) on the planet has about 100,000 Twitter followers: Charlie Sheen has 2 million. That’s a lot of people…

Regarding the iku, the basic shape is self-explanatory. The inverted shark fin beneath it is there for two reasons. First, I felt that something needed to be there; it looked too plain on its own. Then the question arose: What do I put there? That’s when I took a cue from the sound of the word. That little upside-down shark fin, you see, is a shrunken version of the bottom of the syllabic glyph for fa, the second syllable of keva. And that, I thought, made it look just right. As it stands, it’s one of my favorite glyphs.

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