Glyph of the word 'hie'.


  • (adv.) still (used also like auxiliaries such as “to keep x‘ing” or “to continue to x“)
  • (adj.) endless, continuous
  • (adv.) onward, on

E kemeaka oi e hala’i hie.
“I feel fantastic and I’m still alive.”

Notes: March 31st, and I’m still kicking. I’ll be here till they shut the lights off.

Hey, I just got some good advice from a spam e-mail. Dig it (punctuation added):

Elephant in the room; new item.

Walk the walk.

Love that: Walk the walk. Sometimes it feels like the only true poets left are spammers…

(At least, until they realize it. Then it all turns to trash.)

April is coming! Summer’s almost here. Happy days are here again. :)

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