Glyph of the word 'heva'.


  • (prep.) over, all over, across, throughout, on, upon (depends on context)
  • (adv.) across, over
  • (v.) to cover

Ka heva ei ie kaneko oi’i ti himola.
“I’ve covered my cat with a blanket.”


It was a pleasantly warm day today in California (a good omen of things to come), but it’s been cold this winter, and the cat noticed:

My cat under a blanket.

I can’t remember how I dealt with words like this before (i.e. words that use the same iku and are homonyms, but are distinguished by the presence or absence of the line determinative), so I decided to do two different words—in which case, it won’t really make sense to describe how this iku is an ikuiku (because it’s connected to the other meaning, rather than this one).

All in all, it’s rather confusing. I’ll have to do the other sense of the word soon to clear things up…

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3 Responses to “Heva”

  1. Ka kavaka Sylvia Sotomayor ti:

    She is soooo cuuuute!

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    By the way: She’s getting cuter. She now hops up on the chair next to me when I’m on the computer and curls up, occasionally demanding pets by rolling over on her belly and looking up at me and chirruping.

  3. Ka kavaka Sylvia Sotomayor ti:

    Ack. Someday a cat will evolve that will be so cute, no one can resist it.

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