Glyph of the word 'ati'.


  • (n.) sweet potato

Havava ei iu ati oku.
“I don’t like sweet potatoes.”

Notes: Let me tell you something about sweet potatoes. I know they’re kind of the “in” thing right now, and they have a unique flavor. I would like very much to like sweet potatoes—I really would!

But I do not.

Every so often I go to a place that sells sweet potato fries (again, because this is the “in” thing right now), and whatever group I’m with, we usually do get them, but I just don’t like them! I expect a certain level of saltiness and blandness from a fry, and no matter how heavily seasoned they are, I can’t get down with sweet potato fries.

And I don’t like them by themselves, either. Or baked. Or in a casserole. Or with butter. Or whatever. I just don’t like them. I’d like to (I swear!), but I don’t. I apologize to you all, and to sweet potatoes everywhere.

This iku could use with a little cleaning up… Don’t know how my mousing hand missed it during the last clean up. The bottom line is a little wobbly… I’ll get to it some day.

In other news, chocolate is tasty. Big thumb’s up to chocolate. It’s a favorite of mine.

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