Glyph of the word 'kawi'.


  • (n.) cloud
  • (adj.) cloudy
  • (v.) to be cloudy
  • (nm.) a boy or girl’s given name

A kawi e fiti kiko!
“It’s cloudy and cold today!”

Notes: Yes it is! You hear my brrrrrrr‘s, universe? Fix it!

Hey, ever wonder what the word “Kamakawi” means? No? Let’s explore it, anyway!

The first part of our exploration leads us to the word for “cloud”, which is kawi. I don’t really know what the iku‘s all about… At the time, I was trying to make something that seemed…”cloudish” to me. It’s, of course, built off the glyph for lelea, which classifies this as an iku’ume, but aside from clouds being formed from water vapor, it’s not clear to me why the iku are related—or what the slash is for.

Hmm… Maybe the slash gives the water substance. So a “water thing” is a cloud.

I don’t know, maybe?

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