Glyph of the word 'feveka'.


  • (v.) to be really exhausted
  • (adj.) drained
  • (n.) extreme exhaustion

A feveka ei.
“I’m drained.”

Notes: I’m back from Palm Springs, and I feel like I been drug behind a semi. Or that feeling you get after a long day at the beach. The problem is, there is much, much to do this week. Busy, busy, busy…

Here’s a shot of Palm Springs out my hotel window:

Palm Springs from the Renaissance.

It was a nice enough hotel, but their “policy” regarding wifi is ridiculous. Basically, it costs $14 a day for an individual device (not for a person) to have wifi. So if you have a laptop and a smart phone, that’s $28 a day if you want to get wifi on both. This is 2011, not 1999: That practice is absurd. Thank goodness for the Edge network, or I would’ve gotten nothing done…

Well, here we go again. Let’s see what this week holds in store for me. First step: Calling the HOA people to replace the drywall they took out to spray for termites…

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