Glyph of the word 'tetu'.


  • (n.) shrimp

A havava tetu oi katativa li’i!
“I like shrimp with my bacon!”

Notes: Actually, it’s “I like shrimp on my hot dogs”, but I didn’t want to bother coming up with a loosely-equivalent concept for “hot dog” in Kamakawi. (Suppose I could’ve said hatataka…) Anyway, this is in reference to what I eat during the Super Bowl to annoy the friend of mine that holds the Super Bowl party. They think I’m foolish to put shrimp on my hot dogs. But look at their shaped! They’re perfectly fitted to one another!

Anyway, this is all building up to my 2011 NFL Playoff Predictions! :D Those who are familiar with the NFL playoff format should also be familiar with the problems prognosticators face. For those who aren’t, I’ll explain.

In the first round of the NFL playoffs, the teams seeded 3-6 play each other (3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5). The winners of these two games go on to face the 1 and 2 seeds. Some playoffs have the winner of a specific game move on to a specific place in the tree, but in the NFL playoffs, the teams are reseeded so that the 1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed. This means that if you predict, for example, that the 3 and 4 seeds will win and the 6 seed wins, your entire playoff tree is thrown off. It leads to fun and chaos.

Bearing that in mind, though, this is how I think the NFL playoffs will go:

Wild Card Round

  • (5) New Orleans Saints def. (4) Seattle Seahawks 31-13
  • (3) Philadelphia Eagles def. (6) Green Bay Packers 27-17

Divisional Round

  • (1) Atlanta Falcons def. (5) New Orleans Saints 31-28 (OT)
  • (3) Philadelphia Eagles def. (2) Chicago Bears 17-14

NFC Championship

  • (1) Atlanta Falcons def. (3) Philadelphia Eagles 29-24

Wild Card Round

  • (5) Baltimore Ravens def. (4) Kansas City Chiefs 35-13
  • (3) Indianapolis Colts def. (6) New York Jets 30-27

Divisional Round

  • (1) New England Patriots def. (5) Baltimore Ravens 30-17
  • (2) Pittsburgh Steelers def. (3) Indianapolis Colts 44-14

AFC Championship

  • (1) New England Patriots def. (2) Pittsburgh Steelers 23-17

Super Bowl XLV

  • (1) New England Patriots def. (1) Atlanta Falcons 49-10

As a Raider fan, this result does not please me, and I’d love to be proved wrong, but the Patriots are darn near unstoppable this year. Somehow they seem even more dangerous because they’re not undefeated.

I’d love, of course, to see the Colts win, but they’re so badly injured that they’re just not competitive (in fact, it might be my own personal prejudices that have me choosing them over the Jets). Baltimore was an early Super Bowl favorite, but that 3 point loss in Week 13 to the Steelers cost them the division, and I think cost them their chance at the Super Bowl. I’m a big fan of the Ravens, so that, too, is disappointing, but I think it’s what’s going to happen.

As for the Jets, this is going to be a disappointing finish for them. They had all the Super Bowl hype in the beginning of the year, and they’ve kind of lost their way. Maybe next year, Jets fans.

The iku for tetu is one of my favorite because I think it really looks like a shrimp with only a few lines. (Astute observers, though, will note that it looks quite a bit more like a cooked shrimp than a live one. :shock:)

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