Glyph of the word 'peka'.


  • (n.) land
  • (n.) soil (arable)
  • (n.) nation, country

Ka ale ei ko le liki ie peka li’i kau.
“I am here to claim my land.”

Notes: That lines comes from a song by one of my favorite Finnish metal bands, Sonata Arctica. Not one of my favorite songs by them, but a good one.

This is one of those words I thought I would’ve done already. I haven’t, so here it is. Nice and simple; straightforward iku. No frills.

So glad the Jets beat the Patriots. Man, it was a treat to seem them humiliated on their peka… (I have a feeling that peka would be used for “field” in football. Makes more sense than “field”.) I could watch that last touchdown by the Jets over and over again. The Raiders have been avenged.

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