Glyph of the word 'nomou'.


  • (num.) thirty
  • (adj.) thirtieth

Kiko hame ei i nomou ulili.
“Today I’m thirty years old.”

Notes: Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane.

So, yeah, this is the beginning of the end. Not for any of the reasons you might be thinking, though. Believe me, I know 30 isn’t old. (David Bowie is past 60, and he’s not “old”, because he’s the coolest thing on two legs—and basically, as long as he’s alive, whatever age he is still counts as “not old”.)

No, this is the beginning of the end, because this is where people on my side of the family start to go crazy. I’ve traced it back to 30. Year by year, they start slipping a little bit more and more, until, before you know it, they’re David Bowie’s age, but they’re not David Bowie cool, and never will be again.

As an Internet Person (IP), this gradual slide of mine will be a public spectacle. I hereby embrace it. I’ve already admitted to the world that I create languages for fun; how much worse could it get?

So hey, it’s my birthday! HAVE A PARTY! :D Every day we’re still alive is a good day to have some fun. And hey, thirty years from now when, for some inexplicable and embarrassing reason, I no longer agree with what I just wrote, you can play me this song.

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  1. Ka kavaka dwnielsen ti:

    From a 30-er who, now that you mention it, notices a bit of the same trend in his own parents (probably due to the fact the he was born when his parents were about 30) – a late happy birthday!

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