Glyph of the word 'ha'.Glyph of the word 'ha'.


  • (n.) laughter
  • (n.) laugher (someone who’s laughing)
  • (v.) to laugh
  • (adj.) laughing

Pu’uke! A ha’a ei lona!
“Stop! I’m laughing too much!”

Notes: Well, the NFL regular season has come to a close, and the results are quite laughable.

First, let’s finish up my predictions. I realized when I was writing this up that my total was off. If you’ve been following along, the ones column of my predictions kept adding up to 4, rather than 5, which makes no sense since I predict 5 games every week. Going back, I realized I made a mistake in Week 5 when I added one fewer loss to my total than I actually had. Oops! I’ve gone and changed all the affected posts, and so, going into this past Sunday, I was officially 50-30. Here are the results from Week 17:

Week 17

  • New York Giants 19 Washington 14
  • Green Bay 27 Chicago 23
  • St. Louis 24 Seattle 21
  • San Diego 39 Denver 12
  • San Francisco 35 Arizona 17

That’s 4-1, which brings me to a grand total of 54-31. On the season, then, 63.5% of my predictions were correct. Not bad! Maybe I’ll take these skills with me to Vegas later this month… (Of course, I was only predicting five games a week, not every game, but even so, you don’t have to bet on every game at Vegas.)

Of course, my one incorrect prediction above led to quite an interesting result. Specifically, the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks are hosting a playoff game against the 11-5 New Orleans Saints. Hosting it! It’s the first time in NFL history that a sub-.500 team has won their division.

And that is laughable.

Tune in tomorrow for my 2011 NFL Playoff Predictions! Historically, I’m not great with the playoffs, so we’ll see if any of my regular season magic carries over.

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