Glyph of the word 'neki'.


  • (n.) day fourteen: the seventh and last day of the second week of a two week cycle (can be Sunday)

Kiko i neki!
“Today is Sunday!”

Notes: Wouldn’t you know it. Despite the extra day of rest, Favre missed his first start in 298 tries. And his team got pummeled. What a surprise.

Now for my predictions. Hey, I got more right than I did wrong! What a miracle! Here are the results:

Week 14

  • Green Bay 42 Detroit 31
  • Oakland 45 Jacksonville 37
  • New York Giants 36 Minnesota 17
  • Philadelphia 38 Dallas 20
  • Baltimore 24 Houston 20

That’s 3-2, and I’m now 46-24 on the season. How about that. The Raiders have all but played themselves out of the division, but they did do better than everyone thought they were going to do this year. Get this: They have a real chance to finish the year 6-0 in their division, and they’ll still not make the playoffs. Wow.

Fantasy Football has gone from bad to worse. The Jets, whom I’ve been relying on, have decided to stop playing football; Aaron Rodgers has been concussed; Dwayne Bowe has caught one ball in two weeks for three yards; and Malcolm Floyd, who I decided to put in this week in place of Bowe, didn’t play!

And, of course, it’s the start of the Fantasy playoffs. What a year…

Here’s a look at my Week 15 predictions:

Week 15

  • Indianapolis 23 Jacksonville 20
  • Atlanta 31 Seattle 20
  • Oakland 48 Denver 7
  • New England 32 Green Bay 14
  • Minnesota 19 Chicago 17

Today is the last day of the Kamakawi two week cycle. Tomorrow we’ll go back to the beginning and we’ll finish on Friday (a bit irregular, but then again, so am I). I’ll also talk a bit about why the Kamakawi “calendar” (if you can call it that) works in this way (or did before the Zhyler speakers imposed their calendar on the Kamakawi).

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