Glyph of the word 'kito'.


  • (n.) day four: the fourth day of the first week of a two week cycle (equivalent to Thursday)

Kiko i kito!
“Today is Thursday!”

Notes: Thursday, December 23rd. I’m up in Chico, which is a beautiful city. The best part about it, though (well, aside from my family, whom I love dearly), is Shubert’s Ice Cream Parlor. It’s an ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream, candy and root beer, and it’s some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Shubert’s is routinely ranked at the top of the list of the best ice cream shops in America, and it came in second in a Good Morning America competition.

So, whenever I’m up in Chico, I make sure to eat as much Shubert’s as possible. It’s kind of like eating at In-N-Out in Southern California: If you don’t live there, you make the best of every opportunity.

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