Glyph of the word 'inevi'.


  • (n.) gift
  • (v.) to make a gift of something

Kiko i Ki Inevi!
“Today is Gift Day!”

Notes: Merry Gift Day! :mrgreen:

If Christmas were somehow to make its way to the Kamakawi Islands, they’d probably call it Ki Inevi (rather than Kilitimata). The historical reason for Christmas would probably seem pretty silly to the Kamakawi—as would the compulsory gift-giving—but, hey, any reason for a party is a reason to party! :D

To all y’all, may you have a joyous Gift Day, and enjoy anything and everything. I’ll be having a good time spending Christmas with my wife’s family, who know that the real reason for the season is spending time with those you love, and reflecting on how wonderful it is to have them in your life, since we have so little of it to live.

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