Glyph of the word 'fiti'.


  • (adj.) cold
  • (v.) to be cold
  • (n.) a cold thing

Fiti iko etielele!
“This winter is cold!”


I’m back home with my cat! It’s a wonderful day! Keli was hiding under the bed when we came in, but once she was sure that it was really us, and we were really back, she came out meowing! Not only did she sleep on the bed again, she stayed there the entire night. And since then, she’s been getting plenty of snuggles and love from us:

Keli getting snuggled.

What a cat! Don’t let her expression fool you: She’s loving it!

It’s been quite an up and down year. The up was up, but, man, was the down down… Looking forward to a little more up next year.

Here’s hoping.

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