Glyph of the word 'i'ava'.


  • (v.) to drift, to be adrift
  • (adj.) adrift
  • (n.) drifting

Au u’upi Kalavene…
“The Bears are adrift…”

Notes: Up by three in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter, the Berkeley Bears stopped the Washington Huskies three straight times on the goal line.

Unfortunately, there was a fourth down…

And so Berkeley finished 5-7, and will miss out on a bowl game for the first time since my junior year of college. Add to that that we lost the Big Game, and, well… I’ll be glad when this year’s done with.

Week 11

  • Tennessee 24 Washington 17
  • New York Jets 27 Houston 25
  • Baltimore 33 Carolina 0
  • Philadelphia 38 New York Giants 28
  • San Diego 44 Denver 17

That’s 4-1 again, which takes me to 39-16 on the year.

Oh, and remember when I said to take note of that Baltimore-Carolina prediction last week? The final score ended up being Baltimore 37 Carolina 13. So it wasn’t a shutout, but it was a pretty bad blowout.

Here are my Week 12 predictions:

Week 12

  • Green Bay 33 Atlanta 29
  • Cleveland 36 Carolina 12
  • Oakland 20 Miami 12
  • Indianapolis 31 San Diego 24
  • San Francisco 33 Arizona 27

That Green Bay score is wishful thinking. I’m playing my best friend in fantasy football this week, and I’m going to need a couple of miracles to beat him—including a huge day by former Berkeley Bear Aaron Rodgers as his Packers take on the Atlanta Falcons.

Just five hours to kickoff! I should probably get some sleep…

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