Glyph of the word 'mitatiala'.


Mitatiala takenevi i nanai oi’i.
“The kind turkey is my friend.”

Notes: Happy Turkey Day! ~:D

Indeed, the day has come where everyone in America traditionally feasts on turkeys. I am a meat eater, but I do love turkeys (the birds). They’re such charming creatures—like all animals. I feel bad about eating them, but obviously not bad enough not to.

It’s troubled me for some time, though, the whole meat-eating thing. The only thing that I think rescues it (a bit) is that many animals are, in fact, devoured in the wild. So it’s not as if eating meat is unnatural (if naturalness can be considered a valid measure of morality [about which I have my qualms]). Still, I really like all animals. They’re so pleasant…

The Kamakawi word for “turkey” comes from the Zhyler word (in the romanization, müsažal), and the Zhyler word is a combination of the stem müsa, which has to do with walking, and the suffix -žal, which denotes birds. Thus, a turkey in Zhyler is a “walking bird”—an oblique reference to The Simpsons. :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving today, if you live in America! If not, enjoy your Thursday! :D

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