Glyph of the word 'iwiala'ala'.


  • (v.) to tremble (as in fear)
  • (n.) trembling

Iwiala’ala Keli a.
“My cat is trembling in fear.”

Notes: Today is not a happy Caturday. :(

It started out fine enough. Erin made a little fort for Keli on our bed (as she often does) right before leaving for work. She built pillows up and draped her favorite blanket over it, and she went in it for a little bit. Then she jumped out. Then she jumped back on the bed on top of her little fort, and then, all of a sudden, she was struck by utter terror. It was as if she saw something on the blanket, and her claws came out, and she ran downstairs.

That was several hours ago. I’ve since tried to bring her back upstairs, but she trembles—her whole body. I made the bed, I took her on it, I sat with her, I patted the blankets down, I showed her underneath the blankets, I removed the blankets… It’s utter terror. If I let her go, her ears go back and her tail goes between her legs, and she very, very carefully sneaks from the room, keeping her eyes on the bed at all times, and twitching at every sound. When she gets close enough to the stairs, she races downstairs.

Currently she’s in the kitchen. She’s fine enough downstairs (normal), but won’t come upstairs, and if I bring her up, it’s the same result. I don’t know what to do.

Have any of you cat owners ever experienced anything like this? Does it go away? She goes to the bathroom upstairs and drinks water up here. She sleeps on our bed, she sits down next to my chair when I’m at the computer… She spends most of her time upstairs. I don’t want her to be afraid of it—let alone absolutely petrified as if she was going to die.

Here’s a picture of Keli in happier times upstairs (i.e. yesterday):

Keli by the window.

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2 Responses to “Iwiala’ala”

  1. Ka kavaka Amanda ti:

    I’ve never seen a cat do that. Maybe she had a bad dream that took place there?

    It’s normal for them to discard their old haunts and find new favorite places, but not usually through such violent dislike.

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    She is little by little returning to normal. We took her to the vet (for that and an unrelated issue), and the vet seems to think that if we give her her space, she’ll eventually come back upstairs. For the time being, we’ve put a water bowl for her downstairs. She’s fine in the bathroom, so if we carry her upstairs and put her in the bathroom and close the door, she’ll use the restroom. So, hopefully, things will be all right soon. :) We’ll see how things are doing next Caturday.

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