Glyph of the word 'emi'.Glyph of the word 'emi'.


  • (n./pron.) everybody, everyone

Feyo emiemi!
“Everybody plays!”

Notes: I figured out, quite by accident, that I seem to have set up the playoffs in our fantasy football league so that everyone advances. Oops.

And since anything can happen on any given week in fantasy football, that means the regular season is pretty much for naught. Ha. I’m still going to try to go in as the top seed, though. I got a couple tricks up my sleeve yet.

Here are my predictions from last week:

Week 8

  • Washington 37 Detroit 35
  • St. Louis 28 Carolina 17
  • Oakland 35 Seattle 25
  • New Orleans 42 Pittsburgh 39
  • Indianapolis 29 Houston 24

I went 4-1 again. I’m on a roll now! This takes me up to 26-14. (Oh, and, of course, Washington’s loss to Detroit is now infamous, so I can live with mispredicting that one.)

Today’s word is a full reduplication of the word emi, which means “human”. It’s one of those non-pronouns pronouns that are so common in…I guess “language” is the word I’m looking for.

Prediction time! I think I’m cooking with steam now:

Week 9

  • Atlanta 25 Tampa Bay 22
  • New York Jets 27 Detroit 24
  • Baltimore 24 Miami 19
  • Green Bay 48 Dallas 21
  • Pittsburgh 22 Cincinnati 18

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