Glyph of the word 'eino'.


  • (pron.) first person trial exclusive pronoun

Kau mata eino ie Leya Molo’o.
“We three saw the Dragon Rock.”

Notes: And here’s a nice shot of the Dragon Rock:

The Dragon Rock!

They have a bunch of these rocks at the Huntington that have been weathered by the elements, and by people over many years. One of them looks like a dragon’s head. It’s pretty cool! And smooth.

Kamakawi has singular, dual, trial and plural pronouns. But really, the pronouns are more like ASL: You can have any number you want added to the end of the pronoun, unless it’s too unwieldy (or nonsensical). As it happens, though, there are unanalyzable pronouns for singular, dual, trial and plural, so there’s some evidence for a special trial number (just a vestige of the past).

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