Glyph of the word 'pake'.


  • (n.) mountain
  • (v.) to be enormous, to be large
  • (adj.) large
  • (adj.) rough

Kau ie pake a; ape ou mali…
“Coming down the mountain; one of many children…”

Notes: That’s from a Jane’s Addiction song, “The Mountain Song”. I thought I’d at least fill in one part of yesterday’s post today by posting the word for “mountain”.

I like the iku. It’s a good honest triangle with a little tooth (literally) in the middle. This is one of the iku that I like looking at every so often. I won’t say it’s one of my favorites, but I think it’s a good one.

I also think it’s a pretty good word for a mountain. It’s hard to characterize sounds in a way that’s universal, but I think voiceless stops have got to be among the hardest sounds we’ve got in spoken languages. They’re tough like a steak.

Mmm… Steak…

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