Glyph of the word 'miwimi'.


  • (n.) insanity
  • (v.) to be insane
  • (n.) insane person
  • (adj.) insane
  • (adj.) lousy, crazy, annoying (casual insult)

Oku miwimi ei…
“I’m not crazy…”

Notes: If you don’t have anything to do at noon Pacific tomorrow (or today, I should say), check out the Rally to Restore Sanity. It’ll be on Comedy Central, but probably also on the internet somewhere (it’s a big internet). I’m looking forward to it. :)

(Not looking forward to having to explain one day just how miwimi came to mean “insane”. If you thought that day would be today, you were sorely mistaken. Sorely!)

Update: So, apparently, it was noon Eastern. Which means I missed it. :(

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