Glyph of the word 'meyeli'.


  • (v.) to be covered with moss
  • (adj.) moss-covered, mossy, fuzzy
  • (n.) mossiness, fuzziness

A meyeli iko meka.
“This statue is covered with moss.”

Notes: This is a great looking…thing. I mean, it’s artificial, but it looks like it could be authentic. Check it out:

A moss-covered shrine.

This word and/or iku might look slightly familiar. That’s because awhile back I did the word mayali, which means “algae”. The iku for meyeli is identical, save for a downward stroke at the bottom of the glyph.

In addition, the sound of the word should seem familiar. Way, way, way back in Kamakawi’s history, there was some ablaut. It’s no longer productive, but certain of the lexemes have survived. One of them is meyeli. The associated meaning is something like “to be covered with x“, where x is whatever the original lexeme was. There are a couple of words where evidence of this old pattern survives, but the pattern itself is no longer productive.

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