Glyph of the word 'kuli'.


  • (v.) to miss (something thrown in one’s direction)
  • (v.) to miss (an event)
  • (n.) missed catch (e.g. in football)
  • (n.) absence
  • (adj.) absent

Ka kuli ei ie Kikaneko!
“I missed Caturday!”

Notes: I MISSED CATURDAY! 8O I can’t believe this! It’s the number one day of the catting week! This is the worst thing to happen since I totally blanked on the season (perhaps series) finale of The Boondocks.

There’s only one way to deal with this: Pretend it never happened. Since I can backdate blog posts, this post will debut on midnight the previous Friday, and I’m going to postdate yesterday’s post to today. I think this can work, so everyone just play along!



Here’s a picture of me holding Keli and her looking shocked (which is the way she usually looks when I hold her):

Me holding Keli.

Today’s word (which, as we discussed, has nothing to do with anything) is the word li with the negative prefix ku- attached. I can’t remember if we’ve seen it before, so I’m going to pretend we have.

Now, for no reason, I’m going to go find my cat and give her a treat…

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