Glyph of the word 'iluku'.


  • (n.) ball, sphere (or some like spheroid)
  • (adj.) round, spherical (ball-like)

Li ia ie iluku e nevi i’i!
“Give me the ball!”

Notes: Actually, a faster way to say that would probably be, Neviki ie iluku!

But, yeah, playing NBA Jam, I am such a ball hog… I am pretty good offensively, but I need to remember to give the ball up more.

But anyway, onto football! Here are last week’s predictions:

Week 7

  • Kansas City 28 Jacksonville 20
  • Baltimore 35 Buffalo 17
  • San Diego 33 New England 25
  • Green Bay 22 Minnesota 19
  • New York Giants 37 Dallas 24

Not bad (4-1), but i would’ve been happier if I’d predicted fewer of them right and the Chargers had beaten the Patriots. Oh well. This takes me up to 22-13. Not bad!

This week I’m predicting even fewer upsets than I did last week. It’s not going to go well…

Week 8

  • Washington 37 Detroit 35
  • St. Louis 28 Carolina 17
  • Oakland 35 Seattle 25
  • New Orleans 42 Pittsburgh 39
  • Indianapolis 29 Houston 24

Today’s word derives from a former word of the day: luku, which means “circle”. I also referred to it in an earlier post, which means I can now link from that post to this one. Hooray! :D

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