Glyph of the word 'ilau'.


  • (v.) to read
  • (n.) reading

A ivivi ilau ie feya oi’i.
“My baby loves to read.”

Notes: And it’s true. She reads a lot, too—and fast. I read a lot, but read very, very, very, very, very, very, very slowly. Erin, on the other hand, once read four novels in one day. Four novels! It’s unthinkable.

Anyway, HAPPY CATURDAY! :D To accompany today’s word and sentence, here’s a nice picture of Keli and Erin:

Erin and Keli reading.

Actually, Keli there looks like what I look like if I’ve been reading for longer than thirty minutes (another impediment I have to deal with).

The iku for ilau should look slightly familiar. You’ve got the “eye” shaped thing from i, and it has the “ground” determiner beneath it. I kind of think of it as an eye on a book.

If the Kamakawi were to advance so far as to be in a “modern” world like we have, I always imagined that this iku would be used as an icon for libraries—even if the Kamakawi writing system were replaced entirely by the Zhyler writing system. I could see it working very well on signs…

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