Glyph of the word 'ikuliki'.


  • (n.) loss

A tieyatialele ika, a ikuliki ika…
“Another week, another loss…”

Notes: I lost again in fantasy football, dropping me to 4-2—and it was entirely my fault. Completely. I had three wide receivers on my bench, and all three of them outperformed the three wide receivers I started. Had I started all three, I would’ve won (by a lot). I won’t make that mistake again.

And then I went a passable 3-2 last week, bringing me to 18-12 overall:

Week 6

  • Chicago 24 Seattle 13
  • Baltimore 31 New England 25
  • New Orleans 17 Tampa Bay 10
  • Indianapolis 28 Washington 12
  • Tennessee 24 Jacksonville 17

This week I’m predicting very few upsets, which makes me nervous (the favorites never all win):

Week 7

  • Kansas City 28 Jacksonville 20
  • Baltimore 35 Buffalo 17
  • San Diego 33 New England 25
  • Green Bay 22 Minnesota 19
  • New York Giants 37 Dallas 24

Today’s word you may recognize as the derived nominal from the word from two weeks ago (or one Kamakawi week) kuliki.

Or you may not. Either way, it’s all good.

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