Glyph of the word 'teli'ineyu'.


  • (n.) cactus

A liki ono i leveleve… A fule teli’ineyu ti’i…
“My head hurts… I need a cactus…”

Notes: I’m not a person who gets headaches, but man… My head hurts right now. I hate it. Just want to go to bed. And the last thing I want to do right now is think up some sentence that uses the word “cactus”. I mean, I can always say “I saw a cactus”, because I did—here’s the proof:

A cactus with a flower.

But I say that a bunch.

Gorgeous cacti, though, at the Huntington. Never thought a cactus would take my breath away. Got some wonderful specimens there.

Those who remember teli will realize that today’s word translates literally as “spiny flower”. Most of the time when one pictures cacti, the flowers are left out of the mental image, but most cacti have wonderful blossoms. Really worth looking out for.

Uggghhh… Head… Must be the winds; they do it to me every time.

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