Glyph of the word 'kolu'.


  • (v.) to be dark
  • (adj.) dark
  • (n.) darkness

U ono kawi kolu…
“Dark clouds above…”

Notes: Ugly day for football. Cal lost its first game of the season yesterday to Nevada, killing their hopes of getting into a BCS game this season (I mean, unless they win the PAC-10, which seems unlikely, given the fact they lost to Nevada…). And to add insult to injury, I went 2-3 with my predictions last week! Yikes!

Here’s a summary:

Week 1

  • Atlanta 27 Pittsburgh 19
  • New York Giants 33 Carolina 23
  • Green Bay 45 Philadelphia 12
  • New York Jets 21 Baltimore 18
  • San Diego 37 Kansas City 14

In a stroke of good luck, though, I won my first fantasy game of the season against Tsketar’s Skyraiders (owned by the inventor of Skerre, Doug Ball) by a single point. We’ll see how I fare this week against the best team in the league.

Here are my predictions for this week (I need a 5-0 week to get back to where I darn well should be!):

Week 2

  • Green Bay 48 Buffalo 12
  • Denver 24 Seattle 21
  • New York Jets 28 New England 27
  • Indianapolis 37 New York Giants 23
  • New Orleans 31 San Francisco 22

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