Glyph of the word 'ipe'.


  • (dem.) that
  • (art.) such, so
  • (pron.) that one, that thing
  • (art.) what a(n) x! (emphatic)

A kopuku ipe teli’ineyu ti’i!
“That cactus is waving at me!”

Notes: I figure I’ve been using the word ipe enough that I might as well make it a word of the day entry. Here’s the picture that phrase describes:

A cactus waving at me.

Check out that cactus! It’s waving at me! And it has polydactyly, just like me! :D

This another picture from the Huntington. We started at the succulent garden and moved on, so we’ll be seeing lots of cacti in the days to come.

Ipe is actually a compound of i and pe. In the TY exercises, he’s anthropomorphized as an absent-minded drunk. Such is the way of things.

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