Glyph of the word 'iko'.


  • (dem.) this
  • (pron.) this one, this thing

A eli ei i iko kaneko!
“I love this cat!”

Notes: Keli is being really cute right now. I wonder what she’d look like in a football helmet…

Last week I said I needed a 5-0 week to get back on track, and, wouldn’t you know it, that’s just what I got. Here’s a summary:

Week 2

  • Green Bay 48 Buffalo 12
  • Denver 24 Seattle 21
  • New York Jets 28 New England 27
  • Indianapolis 37 New York Giants 23
  • New Orleans 31 San Francisco 22

That brings me up to 7-3 overall. That’s more like it! Here are my predictions for this week (should be a tough one):

Week 3

  • New England 35 Buffalo 16
  • New Orleans 29 Atlanta 19
  • Houston 37 Dallas 33
  • New York Jets 21 Miami 17
  • Green Bay 27 Chicago 24

As for today’s word, I couldn’t post about Ipe without including his good friend Iko! She’s more level-headed and practical, but she’s got a wild and violent temper, if angered. Don’t rouse her!

Oh, and a stray note: After more than a hundred posts with iku with a white background, I’ve switched to a transparent background. I know why I didn’t do it before (the program I used was terrible at doing transparency), but I’ve got a new one (Photoshop Elements) that’s much, much better. So…hooray! :D

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