Glyph of the word 'ia'.


  • (pron.) you (2nd person singular pronoun)
  • (phon.) glyph for the sequence ia

A male neviki ei i ia ti iko ikavaka poke ilau’u ie nakanaka oi’i kipe. Ae ha’ale!
“I’ll lend you this book I read to my sister yesterday. It’s funny!”

Notes: Nothing much going on with the second person pronoun (the iku is like a mirrored image of ei), so I thought I’d include a complex sentence. What I wanted to do was include a sentence that required the use of the passive and the applicative in a relative clause, but I couldn’t think of a plausible way to make “book” an indirect object (talk about unimaginative!). This is pretty good, though.

Ia has a good-looking iku, in my opinion. It’d be a cool name for an iku necklace, but all it means is “you”. Oh well. That is what I end up calling my cat many times…

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