Glyph of the word 'funa'.


  • (n.) skipjack tuna
  • (n.) idiot

Ei i funa.
“I am an idiot.”

Notes: I live in a condo complex where a permit is required for overnight parking. I have a permit, of course, as I am a residence. The past few days, it’s been blazing hot in Southern California (over 110° at midday), and so when I went to the gym, I opened up all the windows in my car to get a breeze going. Since the permit is flimsy and attaches to the rearview mirror, I thought it prudent to put the permit in my glove compartment so it wouldn’t blow away.

Then I forgot to put it back.

I realized this today when I went out to my car to go to my parents’ house for my stepdad’s birthday. My first thought was, “Oh, geez, the car didn’t get stolen again, did it?” Then the obvious answer dawned on me, and I was ashamed.

Unlike the first time my car was towed (parking in LA is a violent pastime), this time it’ll cost, at the most, $150. That’ll about halve my reserves, but at least I can afford it.

The origin of this word comes from the fact that the skipjack tuna swims in great big schools right up near the surface of the water where even the laziest shark can snap them up. Perhaps they think the odds are on their side (“If there are three hundred of us, what are the odds that hammerhead will get me?!”), but in the long run, they probably get eaten. They’re large, foolish, and yet remarkably fertile fish: the rabbits of the sea, but far more foolish, and not nearly as cuddly.

So, yeah. I’m a skipjack.

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