Glyph of the word 'fuila'.


  • (n.) bird
  • (adj.) flying
  • (v.) to fly

Takemi takeke fuila.
“Free as a bird.”

Notes: The word for “bird” in Kamakawi is a bit like the word for “fly” (the insect) in English—the only difference is the designation. I don’t know how the fly (the insect) got the honor of being the zero-derived nominal form of the verb “to fly”. It’s crazy! Buzzy little things, flittin’ around this way and that… That honor belongs to the mighty bird! And so it is in Kamakawi.

If the stray stroke at the bottom of the iku for fuila is a determinative, it’s the only one that occurs in Kamakawi. It’s like a little swoosh of air. It does the job.

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