Glyph of the word 'eka'.


  • (n.) hat

Mata ia ie eka li’i!
“Look at my hat!”

Notes: It’s the best day of the catting week. That’s right: IT’S CATURDAY! HAPPY CATURDAY! :D

For today’s word, I’ve got the best of something like forty pictures I took a few weeks back:

Keli wearing a hat.

I wanted a better picture, but that was the best I could get. She didn’t necessarily hate the hat, but she wouldn’t sit still with it atop her head. She kept trying to get out from under it. Even so, I’m happy with this picture.

This iku, you’ll notice, is actually the glyph for te, but with a face inside. Thus, it becomes a picture of a person wearing a hat.

What Kamakawi hats look like is actually pretty close to the hat Keli is wearing in the picture, only they’re much, much bigger. They’re frayed at the edges, and kind of wear down over time. If I could make hats, I’d make one and take a picture of it—and might even wear it around—but hat makery, I’m afraid, is something that’s far beyond me.

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