Glyph of the word 'umeke'.


  • (v.) to twist (something)
  • (adj.) twisted

Ea. Umeke ei i ika tou.
“Yeah. I can twist.”


I came across my cat in such an incredible position the other day that I just had to take a picture of it:

Keli all twisted up.

Check that out! Her forepaws are faced one way, and her hindpaws are faced the other! Just to make sure this is clear, I’ve superimposed an arrow showing just how she’s contorted:

Keli all twisted up--with an arrow!

Look at that! Cats are something else.

So words like “turn” and “twist” are words that really trouble me. I was hoping (I always do) that I’d already created a word for “twist” in Kamakawi, but when I went to check, I hadn’t. I decided to derive it from “turn”, which…might work. Seems plausible, anyway. Personally, I think we could do without the concepts entirely. If it weren’t for fantastic creatures like cats, I bet we wouldn’t even need them.

And yet, cats be… They be all over the place. They be hugely. They keep being all over our rugs, being on our couches, and being on our keyboards. I guess there’s nothing for it. Let the twisting continue!

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