Glyph of the word 'motu'.


  • (n.) face (of a human)

Neyana motu o ei ti motu o ia!
“My face is better than your face!”


Check out this picture of me and my little kitty:

Keli on the couch.

What a kitty she is! That’s one of her little kitty spots. She loves the arm of the couch. She’ll often hop up there and then slouch down so 90% of her body is leaning on me or Erin, the remaining 10% loosely affiliated with the couch arm. It doesn’t seem comfortable, but it seems to bring her great joy.

This iku is kind of odd. Looks more like an iku for “mouth” with the “ground” determinative beneath it to fill out the space. Turns out it’s “face”. Motu doesn’t even seem like a good word for “face”, but I suppose you have to go contrary to your instincts sometimes (often?) in order to get a truly unique language. You can’t simply borrow in the sound symbolism you’re familiar with, because it’ll probably come from your home language.

I’m really, really tired right now. I’m going to try to combat that by going to the gym. I think it’ll work!

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