Glyph of the word 'eine'.


  • (n.) woman
  • (n.) wife
  • (adj.) female


  • (suf.) feminine suffix

A male li Eine Lila i ia!
“Iron Maiden’s gonna get you!”

Notes: Hey, it’s August 16th! Know what that means? Legendary heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s new album The Final Frontier is out! :D In honor of this, their fifteenth studio album, I’m going to count down my personal top ten Iron Maiden songs on the Kamakawi Word of the Day blog.

I understand that most, if not all, of those of you who read this blog don’t listen to metal at all, and may have never heard a single Iron Maiden song. I also know, though, that many (again, if not most) of you are fans of fantasy and science-fiction. What I shall try to argue over the coming days is that heavy metal is intended to be listened to in a way that’s fundamentally different from other forms of music, and, furthermore, that the following analogy holds:

other music : heavy metal :: other literature : science-fiction/fantasy

The countdown will start tomorrow (I need to get the new album and see if I need to readjust my top ten). In the meantime, you can check out this Wikipedia article on their recent documentary. It’s pretty cool. They filmed this particular tour because they were doing shows in a bunch of places they’d never been before for logistics reasons. What made it work this time is that their lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, chartered his own plane and flew the band around from place to place.

I’ve called this iku an ikunoala, even though you can’t quite see the ne in it. I really like the way this one turned out, but I think I got confused when designing it. At the time, I think I saw the lower stick going the opposite direction… That would’ve made the ne more recognizable.

This iku doubles as the feminine suffix. The feminine suffix has a very limited distribution. It enjoys some use here and there with family terms, and I think with chickens… I must be tired. To sleep! Big day of translating and Iron Maiden-listening tomorrow.

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