Ape o Helea

Glyph of the word 'ape o helea'.

ape o helea

  • (n.) tear, teardrop

Nanai, oku ape o helea kuika!
“Amigos, no more tears!”

Notes: Gah! Lousy Wikipedia! I should have known something was up when I realized that August 16th was a Monday and CDs always come out on Tuesday…

So instead of listening to Iron Maiden’s new album while doing Dothraki translation today I listened to the Mars Volta. Not that that was a bad alternative—those cats are out of sight—but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

But since I was disappointed, I will take out my vengeance on this blog. Here’s the tenth best Iron Maiden song of all time:

Number 10
“Como Estais Amigos”

Iron Maiden's Virtual XI

Virtual XI (1998)

Just kidding. In fact, this may be the worst Iron Maiden song ever written. Not only does it feature Blaze Bayley, their third lead singer who sang on two albums (their two worst albums ever, due in large part to Blaze), but, of interest to linguistas like us, where are the accent marks?! There should be two in the title (not to mention the two question marks that are missing). Just terrible.

The real top ten will start tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to listen to the new album. Still can’t wait!

If you’re curious about today’s word, you should head to the entry for helea, which means “to cry”, and the entry for ape, which explains how one gets count nouns from mass nouns. As for the sentence, it comes from the utterly silly chorus of “Como Estais Amigos” (which I don’t recommend you listen to by clicking here).

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