Ale Ko

Glyph of the word 'ale...ko'.


  • (v.) to come, to arrive

Ale ei ko ele male li i ia…
“I’m coming to get you…”

Notes: Technically, this is a rock song, but, man, it cooks!

Number 5

Iron Maiden's album Killers

Killers (1981)

Taken literally, this song is just about a guy searching for his father whom he doesn’t know. It sounds quite menacing, though; it’s got an edge. It’s also got that classic Iron Maiden sound, which starts with Steve Harris’s bass. Steve Harris is the main songwriter for Maiden (unusual for a bass player), and a byproduct of that is that many of Iron Maiden’s best songs have an incredible bass line. This song features one of Harris’s best. Add that to Paul Di’Anno’s best vocal performance (in my opinion), an incredibly catchy bridge, and killer guitar, and you have one of the best song’s Iron Maiden’s ever put together.

This is the second word of the day featuring ale, even though I haven’t done ale on its own yet. I almost did it today, but it just wouldn’t be right; the lexeme really is ale…ko. Some day…

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