Glyph of the word 'teli'.


  • (n.) flower

A matai ipe teli.
“That flower is pretty.”

Notes: I remember when i came up with this word for flower. I thought it was a very nice word. I still think so. The iku didn’t come off so well (the li is a bit scrunched), but it’s good enough.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a rest and take a look at the flowers. We have some rose bushes outside our house. They have lovely roses on them. Here’s a picture:

I want roses in my garden bower, dig?

Oh, hey: Teli rhymes with Keli! Teli would have been a good name too. That funky tail of hers decided it, though.

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  1. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    Ha! And Teli kind of sounds like a Kamakawi version of English “tail”! Man, oh, man… At least I amuse myself. :)

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