Glyph of the word 'male'.


  • (adv.) later
  • (part.) future tense marker
  • (adj.) later, latter
  • (v.) to postpone

A male hava ei iu heli.
“I will eat strawberries.”

Notes: Today’s word is a standard ikunoala that has been adopted as a future tense marker over time, but I chose it for a particular reason.


It’s been awhile, but one of the funniest shows ever to get prematurely canceled is back on Comedy Central. Check it out at 10 p.m.

I suppose Rupert Murdoch expects us to thank him. Fat chance. See, Matt Groening got frustrated with Fox (as can be expected) several seasons in to Futurama‘s first run. Fox did as it’s done with other hit shows it didn’t want to market anymore: Moved its slot around, stopped advertising it, etc. Matt wanted to take the show elsewhere. Fox, however, had a contract, and Rupert Murdoch himself vowed that Futurama wouldn’t be on Fox ever again—or anywhere else. Due to the success of the DVDs and reruns on [adult swim], dollar signs changed his tune. So Fox has allowed Futurama to broadcast new episodes on Comedy Central—at least 26 (maybe). We’ll see how this goes.

In the meantime, though, it’s a happy day! :D

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4 Responses to “Male”

  1. Ka kavaka Rejistania ti:

    I do not understand the fascination with Futurama. It never seemed to be that funny to me when I saw it on Pro7. It also never managed to keep up suspension of disbelief for more than a few minutes. But then, tastes differ and I don’t have to watch it. Have fun!

  2. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    Among other things, Futurama had the best linguistic humor of any show I’ve ever seen. Example:

    Calculon: “You may find this shocking.”
    Bender: “That’s my favorite kind of ‘this’.”


    Scruffy: “I’ve never seen her so sad—or ever before.”


    Dwight: “I heard alcohol makes you stupid.”
    Fry: “No I’m…doesn’t!”


    Old Man Waterfall: “Name a body part and a planet and I’ve taken a bullet in it, on it.”


    As for suspension of disbelief…eh. It’s supposed to be a funny show, not a sci-fi show.

  3. Ka kavaka SLiV ti:

    @ Rejistania
    How can you say such a blasphemous thing? Futurama is awesome. I do not watch it (or Family Guy or American Dad for that matter) nearly often enough, but that’s because I have lost the habit of watching tv ’till 3 in the morning. It is nearly spring break, however…

    @ David J. Peterson
    The quotes are brilliant, despite being removed from hilarious context.

  4. Ka kavaka Rejistania ti:

    The quotes are kinda amusing, but TBH some remind me of jokes my parents told me.

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