Glyph of the word 'helupa'.


  • (v.) to stop breathing momentarily
  • (v.) to be surprised
  • (adj.) surprised
  • (n.) surprise

Ka helupa ei!
“I got surprised!”

Notes: Happy Caturday! :D

Keli has the most incredible range of facial expressions. One of her most common is complete, total and utter shock, as shown below:

Keli surprised.

She’s an extremely excitable kitty, able to be surprised by even the most mundane phenomena. In this photo, she’s surprised simply by my taking her photo (you’d think she be used to it by now).

The word helupa is modified by the antiquated interruptive infix -lu-. It appears in this word as a prefix, since it modifies a foma. This probably deserves some more explanation, but that would require more entries. Perhaps some day…

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  1. Ka kavaka Anthony Docimo ti:

    Keli looks like “wait, you stopped rubbing me. why did you stop?”

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