Glyph of the word 'fi’ea'.


  • (v.) to ignore
  • (v.) to shut out
  • (v.) to forget

Ka fi’ea ei ie kavaka…
“I forgot to write.”

Notes: Oops! Forgot to post. But this is kind of turning into a mini-theme: Derivations of hea. Hooray impromptu theme party! :D

Kind of a sad day, though. As everyone knows by now, the US lost to Ghana. Bleh. So tired of the US not dominating this sport… I think I’m perfectly justified in blaming the ABC family of networks.

And if that weren’t enough, Mexico lost to Argentina due (partly) to a disgraceful call. If Japan and Spain lose on the 29th, that’ll be pretty much every country I have blood ties to. Oh well. I guess I’ll have to root for Cristiano Whine-aldo and my wife’s family’s country of origin Portugal. The prospect leaves me cold…

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