Glyph of the word 'fala'.


  • (n.) father

To fala i oi’i.
“I’ve had four fathers.”

Notes: Which is true, in one sense: One father, two-step fathers and one father-in-law. In three separate senses, I only have two fathers, though (or perhaps one, depending on how you count it). Strange life, this is.

I decided to do fala in honor of Father’s Day, which was…yesterday. Oops. I always forget that the entry I’m writing is, at the least, for tomorrow, and not for today. Oh well.

The iku for fala is actually modified from the original, because when I went to do this entry, I took one look at the original and started laughing. Here it is:

Glyph of the word 'fala'.

It’s basically the glyph for “man”, hopoko, with two arms and a large, waggly penis. That was what inspired it, of course, but it just looks so goofy!

Then, while glancing through my other glyphs, I noticed that the glyph for opu, “flea”, looked just like the glyph for fala, but with a little line on top. I decided to remove the line and make that the new glyph for fala. And so there it is.

Anyway, to all the fathers out there, happy belated father’s day! I think today’s iku really does symbolize the quiet dignity and pride associated with fatherhood.

(And, yes, I couldn’t type that without laughing.)

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