Glyph of the word 'kupi'.


  • (v.) to sit, to sit down, to be sitting down
  • (adj.) sitting
  • (n.) chair
  • (n.) seat, place (at a table, for example)
  • (n.) role (in an action, activity, play, etc.)

A kupi ei. Ai ka hala’imu uku ai?
“I’m sitting down. What happened?”

Notes: Happy Caturday! :D

Today’s cat word is polyfunctional, but it started out as the iku suggests: With sitting down. Here’s a picture of our cat Keli sitting down.

Keli sitting on the toilet.

As you probably don’t know, we decided to toilet train Keli using the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit (you should follow the link just to see the cute little cartoon kitty. He seems so pleased!). It’s been working very well so far. On this particular day, though, Keli decided to meow to get us into the bathroom—tricking us into thinking she was going to use it—and then to use the CitiKitty training seat as a little hammock. In this picture, she’s giving us a, “Yeah, so what? Are you going to pet me?” look. It’s hard to resist.

In addition to the usual functions one might expect from a word like kupi, it’s used to mean “role”, in the sense of, for example, a dramatic role. In Spanish, the word is papel, “paper”; in Kamakawi, it’s kupi, “seat”. I think it fits.

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