Glyph of the word 'uei'.


  • (pron.) we (1st person plural exclusive pronoun)

Au nemei uei; a mei ia.
We’re leaving; you’re staying.”

Notes: Kamakawi is one of those languages that distinguishes between an inclusive and exclusive first person plural pronoun. This one is the exclusive pronoun (the one that doesn’t include the addressee in the “we” part).

English’s pronouns don’t distinguish clusivity, but we have our ways (take the above, for example). I don’t think English is the poorer for it. It allows for some extra fun in romantic comedies. In fact, I think our lack of an inclusive/exclusive distinction is a direct result of our fascination with romantic comedies.

Take Notting Hill, for example. Say what you will about Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Richard Curtis, and everything else, for that matter, but I liked it. Fine movie.

And you know what else? Trevor Jones does some score work for it. Who is Trevor Jones, you might ask? I’ll forgive you for asking, but I hope you facepalm yourself when I tell you that it was Trevor Jones that scored the movie Labyrinth. Yes, David Bowie, the mortal god, did the songs, but Trevor Jones actually did the scored bits (the background music for the goblin battle, the music leading up to Sarah’s hallucination, etc.). Ahh…what a wonderful movie… Wish I were watching it right now, but it’s too late. :( Perhaps tomorrow…

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