Glyph of the word 'oyo'.


  • (v.) to whine, to complain
  • (adj.) whining, complaining
  • (n.) whining, complaining
  • (nm.) a boy or girl’s given name

Oyo ia kuika! E hava ie uitipo li’i tou.
“Stop complaining! You can have my mango.”

Notes: I have some big news: Today marks the triumphant return of Caturday! Happy Caturday! :D

It’s not without some sadness that I think back on the last Caturday, and those that came before it. Okeo was my first kitty. I loved him dearly, and will always love him. I still miss him. After he died, I was in despair. And even though the pain eased a bit over time, I found myself very lonely. I couldn’t bear not having him around. I decided the time had come to look for a new cat, but I knew it had to feel right.

I decided to go to the Cats in Need adoption early one Sunday about a month ago. When I got there, they were still setting up. They set up a table and a cage in the front, and they put a black kitty in there (all black). As soon as they shut the cage, she started meowing so horribly. She wasn’t happy in there, and she was scared. She was trying to claw her way out of the cage, almost hurting herself trying to do so.

One of the volunteers there told me that she had been there since she was three months old. She was now eleven months. (She was there when we got Okeo.) They decided to put her up front so more people would see her in the hopes that someone would take her home, but she was so sad and miserable, they decided to put her back where the cats stay in between adoption Sundays.

I knew then that I couldn’t let her go on without a home.

Since that day, she’s been the sweetest kitty. She was shy at first, but she grew bolder, and has come to love us. She makes a lot of little noises (three different types of meowing sounds and purring)—more than I’ve ever heard a cat make—so I thought I’d name her Oyo, which is a name given to babies who cry a lot in Kamakawi. When I saw her tail, though, I knew her name had to be Keli.

Her tail is long and lashy (my wife has taken to calling her Queen Lashy Tail). She uses it like an appendage, often using it pet me while I pet her. She also likes to thump it against the wall, against the ground—against anything that makes a nice, low, hollow sound. This tail is unlike any cat tail I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of like an elephant’s trunk. You have to see it in action to truly appreciate it.

Keli is a very healthy and happy cat. She’s actually curled up behind me right now. (When my wife’s at work and I’m on the computer, or when she’s asleep and I’m on the computer, Keli hops up on the wicker chest behind me and curls up there, waking up every so often to demand pets.) So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my little basement cat, Keli:

Keli the cat.

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